Sub-Riemannian Geometry and Interactions

Projet ANR SRGI  (2015--2019)  ANR-15-CE40-0018

Permanent participants:

POLE 2 (Paris-Saclay)
POLE 3 (Toulon)
POLE 4 (Grenoble)
Emmanuel Trélat
(coordinator of the project)
Ugo Boscain
(coordinator of Pole 2)
Jean-Paul Gauthier
(coordinator of Pole 3)
Yves Colin de Verdière
(coordinator of Pole 4)
Davide Barilari
Yacine Chitour
Nicolas Boizot
Grégoire Charlot
Roberta Ghezzi
Frédéric Jean
Francesco Rossi
Luca Rizzi
Luc Hillairet
Pierre Pansu

Hervé Pajot
Camille Laurent
Jean Petitot

Constantin Vernicos
Ludovic Rifford
Mario Sigalotti

Séverine Rigot
Alain Trouvé

Non-permanent participants:
Francesco Boarotto, Valentina Franceschi, Erlend Grong, Gabriel Pallier, Sofya Maslovskaya, Ludovic Sacchelli, Nikhil Savale (postdoc ANR, Poles 1 and 4).
Formerly: Barbara Gris.

Resume of the project.

Link to the Seminar of Sub-Riemannian Geometry, at Institut Henri Poincaré.

Main events:
- Kick-off day: 2015-11-04 (Paris 6). Schedule.
- Journée "Autour du Laplacien sous-Riemannien", Grenoble, 2016-10-13. Affiche. See videos.
- International Conference Geometric Analysis in Control and Vision Theory, Bergen - Voss, Norway, May 2016.
- One-week conference New trends in semiclassical analysis, Chalès (Région Centre, France), December 2016.
- International Conference "Mathematical Control Theory" (with a special session in honor of Gianna Stefani), Porquerolles, June 2017. Web site.

Publications issued from the project (Hal acronym: SRGI, ref.: ANR-15-CE40-0018):