Toward Multiscale Modeling of Molecular and Biochemical Events Occurring at Fertilization Time in Sea Urchins


We review here previous theoretical and experimental works, which aim to model major events that occur at the time of fertilization in the sea urchin. We discuss works that perform experiments and develop hypotheses that link different scales of biological systems such as the intracellular Ca2+ concentration oscillations and the swimming behavior of sperm, the Ca2+ wave propagation and the fertilization membrane elevation of the egg, and the mRNA translational activation and the completion of the first mitotic division of the early embryo. The aim of this review is on one hand, to highlight the value of systems biology for understanding the mechanisms associated with fertilization and early embryonic development in sea urchins. On the other hand, this review attempts to illustrate, for mathematicians and bioinformaticians, the potential that represent these molecular and cellular events for modeling clear physiological processes.

Marine Organisms as Model Systems in Biology and Medicine