Optimization and dynamical processes in statistical learning and inverse problems

September, 8-12, 2014 | Fondazione Mediaterraneo, Sestri Levante (GE), Italia

The purpose of the workshop is to stimulate discussions and possible collaborations between italian and french researchers on the following topics: algorithms on convex optimization and monotone inclusions, fixed-point methods, game theory, interplay between discrete and continuous dynamics, statistical learning theory, big data processing, inverse problems.

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14:50–15:00 : Opening
15:00–15:30 : Cominetti, Sequential averaging for nonexpansive maps
15:30–16:00 : Bonettini, Variable metric first order methods for smooth and nonsmooth optimization
16:00–16:30 : Attouch, A proximal-Newton method for monotone inclusions in Hilbert spaces with complexity O(1/k2)


09:30–10:00 : Pustelnik, Spectral analysis revisited with optimization techniques
10:00–10:30 : Fadili, Low complexity regularization of inverse problems
10:30–11:00 : Chiuso, Bayesian methods for system identification
11:00–11:30 : Coffee break
11:30–12:00 : Garrigos, Multicriteria optimization some continuous and discrete dynamics
12:00–12:30 : Vũ, A splitting algorithm for coupled systems of primal-dual monotone inclusions

14:30–15:00 : Piana, Two optimization problems in physiology
15:00–15:30 : Villa, Stochastic forward-backward splitting algorithm

Mercoledì – Mercredi:

09:30–10:00 : Bolte, Proximal alternating linearized minimization for semi-algebraic problems
10:00–10:30 : Calafiore, Mixed-integer random convex programs
10:30–11:00 : Renault, Robust strategies in an evolving unknown environment
11:00–11:30 : Coffee break
11:30–12:00 : De Vito, Kernel methods for support estimation
12:00–12:30 : Chambolle, Convergence of the iterates and rates for an inertial forward-backward descent method

14:30–15:00 : Benfenati, Inexact Bregman regularization for Poisson data
15:00–15:30 : Chouzenoux, A stochastic 3MG algorithm with application to 2D filter identification
15:30–16:00 : Lucchetti, Strong Nash equilibria in finite games
16:00–16:30 : Fevotte, Dynamical nonnegative matrix factorisation for audio signal processing


09:30–10:00 : Salzo, Nonparametric regression in Orlicz spaces?
10:00–10:30 : Pesquet, Stochastic block-coordinate fixed point iterations with applications to splitting
10:30–11:00 : Pontil, On the k-support and related norms
11:00–11:30 : Coffee break
11:30–12:00 : Quang, Quasi Bregman monotonicity and applications
12:00–12:30 : Giulini, Dimension free PAC-Bayes bounds for the Gram matrix

14:30–15:00 : Verri, Learning, regularization, and optimization for computational biology
15:00–15:30 : Rudi, Learning sets and subspaces: a spectral approach


10:00–10:30 : Sorin, Asymptotic value of repeated games and iteration of nonexpansive maps
10:30–11:00 : Champion, Displacement convexity
11:00–11:30 : Coffee break
11:30–12:00 : Rosasco, Early stopping for computational learning
12:00–12:30 : Combettes, Some aspects of the interplay between convex analysis and monotone operator theory

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