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Laboratoire J.-L. Lions

Université Pierre et Marie Curie
 4, pl. Jussieu
75252 Paris cedex 05
Tour 16-26, etage 3,  bureau 325
tel.   (33) 1 44 27  85 18
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INRIA projet MAMBA                                        Mastere M2:  "Mathématiques appliquées aux sciences biologiques et biomédicales"

Some lecture notes

Research topics



Motion of cells and chemotaxis:    Parabolic, hyperbolic and kinetic models are used to describe the collective motion and self-organization of cells or bacterial colonies.


Population balance laws:     Growth in cell populations, polymerization processes by aggregation and fragmentation. The inverse problem is particularly interesting.


Motivated by darwinian evolution : Multiplication, selection and mutations are principles that can be written in nonlocal parabolic models.

They give rise to solutions that concentrate as Dirac masses.


PDE models for neuronal networks :    Closure of stochastic models of neuronal networks lead to interesting PDE models as the Integrate and Fire or Elapsed Time model.

Questions here are to understand desynchronsation, spontaneous activity, information coding.


Tumor growth and resistance to chemotherapy :    This is an ongoing project in the team   MAMBA


Renal flows :     This is an ongoing project with :  A. Edwards (CNRS-INSERM, ERL 7226 - UMRS 872),  N. Seguin and M. Tournus


Other topics


A short-vitae                              Bibliography (recent papers)



                                                                                                         Recent preprints


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See also  arXiv (mathematics) or   archives ouvertes HAL    and    talk_Tissue_Growth