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Articles (and preprints)

  1. Switched diffusion processes for non-convex optimization and saddle points search, with Lucas Journel, 2023 (arXiv).
  2. Splitting schemes for second order approximations of piecewise-deterministic Markov processes, with Andrea Bertazzi and Paul Dobson, 2023 (arXiv).
  3. An entropic approach for Hamiltonian Monte Carlo: the idealized case, 2022 (arXiv).
  4. Uniform convergence of the Fleming-Viot process in a hard killing metastable case, with Lucas Journel, 2022 (arXiv).
  5. On systems of particles in singular repulsive interaction in dimension one : log and Riesz gas, with Arnaud Guillin and Pierre le Bris, to appear in Journal de l'Ecole Polytechnique, 2022 (arXiv).
  6. HMC and Langevin united in the unadjusted and convex case, 2022 (arXiv).
  7. Wasserstein contraction and Poincaré inequalities for elliptic diffusions at high temperature, 2022 (arXiv).
  8. Position-dependent memory kernel in generalized Langevin equations: theory and numerical estimation, with Hadrien Vroylandt, Journal of Chemical Physics, 2022 (article,arXiv).
  9. On the gap between deterministic and probabilistic Lyapunov exponents for continuous-time linear systems, with Yacine Chitour, Guilherme Mazanti and Mario Sigalotti, EJP, 2023 (article,arXiv).
  10. Reducing exit-times of diffusions with repulsive interactions, with Paul-Eric Chaudru de Raynal, Manh Hong Duong, Milica Tomasevic and Julian Tugaut, 2021 (arXiv).
  11. Likelihood-based parametric estimator for memory kernels in molecular dynamics, with Hadrien Vroylandt, Ludovic Goudenège, Fabio Pietrucci and Benjamin Rotenberg, PNAS 119, 2022 (article,arXiv).
  12. Overdamped limit at stationarity for non-equilibrium Langevin diffusions, with Mouad Ramil, ECP vol. 22, 2022 (article,arXiv).
  13. An Efficient GaMD Multi-Level Enhanced Sampling Strategy for Polarizable Force Fields Simulations of Large Biological Systems, with Fréderic Célerse, Theo Jaffrelot-Inizan, Louis Lagardère, Olivier Adjoua, Yinglong Mia, Etienne Derat and Jean-Philip Piquemal, JCTC, 2022 (article,chemrxiv).
  14. Uniform in time propagation of chaos for the 2D vortex model and other singular stochastic systems, with Arnaud Guillin and Pierre le Bris, 2021 (arXiv).
  15. Convergence of the kinetic annealing for general potentials, with Lucas Journel, Electronic Journal of Probability vol. 27, 2022 (article,arXiv).
  16. Convergence rates for the Vlasov-Fokker-Planck equation and uniform in time propagation of chaos in non convex cases, with Arnaud Guillin and Pierre le Bris, to appear in EJP, 2022 (arXiv).
  17. Discrete sticky couplings of functional autoregressive processes, with Alain Durmus, Andreas Eberle, Aurélien Enfroy and Arnaud Guillin, 2021 (arXiv).
  18. The Adaptive Biasing Force algorithm with non-conservative forces and related topics , with Tony Lelièvre and Lise Maurin, ESAIM: Math. Modelling and Num. Analysis, 2022 (article,arXiv).
  19. High-Resolution Mining of SARS-CoV-2 Main Protease Conformational Space: Supercomputer-Driven Unsupervised Adaptive Sampling, with Theo Jaffrelot Inizan, Frédéric Célerse, Olivier Adjoua, Dina El Ahdab, Luc-Henry Jolly, Chengwen Liu, Pengyu Ren, Matthieu Montes, Nathalie Lagarde, Louis Lagardère and Jean-Philip Piquemal, Chemical Science, 2021 (article,ChemXiv).
  20. Almost sure contraction for diffusions on Rd. Application to generalised Langevin diffusions, Stochastic Processes and Applications, 2023 (article, arXiv).
  21. Exact targeting of Gibbs distributions using velocity-jump processes, with Mathias Rousset and Pierre-André Zitt, SPDE, 2022 (article,arXiv).
  22. High-dimensional MCMC with a standard splitting scheme for the underdamped Langevin, Electronic Journal of Statistics vol. 15, 2021 (article, arXiv).
  23. Metastability for systems of interacting neurons, with Eva Löcherbach, Annales de l'IHP, 2021 (article,arXiv).
  24. Uniform long-time and propagation of chaos estimates for mean field kinetic particles in non-convex landscapes, with Arnaud Guillin, Journal of Statistical Physics vol. 185, 2021 (article,arXiv).
  25. Velocity jump processes: an alternative to multi-timestep methods for faster and accurate molecular dynamics simulations, avec Jérémy Weisman, Louis Lagardère et Jean-Philip Piquemal, Journal of Chemical Physics 153, 2020 (article, arXiv).
  26. Adaptive force biasing algorithms: new convergence results and tensor approximations of the bias, with Virginie Ehrlacher and Tony Lelièvre, Annals of Applied Probability, 2022 (article,HAL).
  27. L2 hypocoercivity, deviation bounds, hitting times and Lyapunov functions, Annales Mathématiques Blaise Pascal, 2023 (article,arXiv).
  28. Convergence of a particle approximation for the quasi-stationary distribution of a diffusion process: uniform in time estimates in a compact soft case, with Lucas Journel, ESAIM PS vol. 26, 2022 (article,arXiv).
  29. Analysis of an Adaptive Biasing Force method based on self-interacting dynamics, with Michel Benaïm and Charles-Edouard Bréhier, Electronic Journal of Probability, 2020 (article, arXiv).
  30. Simulated annealing in Rd with slowly growing potentials, with Nicolas Fournier and Camille Tardif, Stochastic Processes and their Applications vol. 131, 2021 (article, arXiv).
  31. Kinetic walks for sampling, ALEA vol. 17, 2020 (ALEA, arXiv).
  32. Elementary coupling approach for non-linear perturbation of Markov processes with mean-field jump mechanims and related problems, ESAIM PS vol. 27, 2023 (article, arXiv).
  33. Piecewise Deterministic Markov Processes and their invariant measure, with Alain Durmus and Arnaud Guillin, Annales de l'IHP vol. 57, 2021 (article, arXiv).
  34. Geometric ergodicity of the bouncy particle sampler, with Alain Durmus and Arnaud Guillin, Annals of Applied Probability, 2018 (article, arXiv).
  35. Entropic multipliers method for langevin diffusion and weighted log sobolev inequalities, with Patrick Cattiaux, Arnaud Guillin and Chaoen Zhang, Journal of Functional Analysis, no. 11, 108288, 2019 (article, arXiv).
  36. A note on Fisher Information hypocoercive decay for the linear Boltzman equation, Analysis and Mathematical Physics vol. 11, 2021 (article, arXiv).
  37. Weakly Self-Interacting Velocity Jump Processes for Bacterial Chemotaxis and Adaptive Algorithms, Markov Process. Related Fields 23, no. 4, 609-659, 2017 (article, arXiv).
  38. Strongly self-interacting processes on the circle, with Carl-Éric Gauthier, Stochastics 91, no. 8, 1249-1271, 2019 (article, arXiv).
  39. Optimal linear drift for the speed of convergence of an hypoelliptic diffusion, with Arnaud Guillin, Electronic Communications in Probability vol. 11, 2016 (article, arXiv post erratum)
  40. Long-time behaviour and propagation of chaos for mean field kinetic particles, Stochastic Processes and their Applications vol. 127(6), 1721-1737, 2017 (article, arXiv)
  41. Generalized Γ calculus and application to interacting particles on a graph, 2015, Potential Analysis 50, no. 3, 439-466, 2019 (article, arXiv).
  42. Hypocoercivity in metastable settings and kinetic simulated annealing, Probab. Theory Related Fields 172, no. 3-4, 1215-1248, 2018 (article, arXiv)
  43. Piecewise deterministic simulated annealing, ALEA vol. 13(1), 357-398, 2016 (ALEA)
  44. On H1 and entropic convergence for contractive PDMP, Electronic Journal of Probability vol. 20(128), 1-30, 2015 (EJP)
  45. Hypocoercive relaxation to equilibrium for some kinetic models, Kinetic and Related Models vol. 7(2) 341-360, 2014 (article, arXiv).
  46. Étude spectrale minutieuse de processus moins indécis que les autres, with Laurent Miclo, Lecture Notes in Mathematics 2078, Séminaire de Probabilité XLV, 2013 (article, arXiv, and a summary of the results in english).



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