Antoine Lemenant

Maître de conférences

Main interests

  • Calculus of variations
  • Geometric measure Theory
  • Partial Differential equations
  • Harmonic Analysis

List of keywords

  • Regularity for free discontinuity problem, Mumford-Shah type problems.
  • Phase-Field approximation, Gamma-convergence.
  • Shape optimisation problems among compact connected sets. Regularity Theory.
  • PDE on non-smooth domains. Reifenberg-flat domains. Variational methods.
  • Assymptotic analysis. Spectral problems.
  • Propagation of Fracture.


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  • PROJET PGMO COCA (2016-2018): Connexions Optimales, Calcul et Approximations (leader: myself)
  • PROJET PGMO MACRO (2013-2016): Méthode d'Approximation continue de réseaux optimaux. (leader: F. Santambrogio)
  • PROJET ANR GEOMETRYA (2013-2017): Geometric measure Theory and its applications (leader: H. Pajot)