c Metric and variational structures in singular varieties

Metric and variational structures in singular varieties

Chambéry, 23rd-27th September 2013


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Abstracts and Tittles


Lecturer Title
C. Bellettini (Princeton) Tangent cones to (some) semi-calibrated currents: uniqueness and rate of convergence via a pseudo-algebraic blow up technique. Abstract
L. Bos (Verona) Polynomial and Functional Inequalities on Subanalytic Sets Abstract
G. Comte (Chambéry) Tame geometry for singularities and arithmetic: parsimony principles Abstract
V. Millot and B. Teissier (Paris) Lojasiewicz inequality, applications to partial differential equations and isolated singularities of harmonic maps (after L. Simon)
T. De Pauw An overview of Geometric measure theory and Applications to analytic geometry Abstract
K. Kurdyka (Chambéry) Gradient conjecture of R. Thom and related topics Abstract
T. Rivière (Zürich) The variations of Yang-Mills Lagrangian Abstract


Speaker Title
V. Grandjean Bi-Lipschitz contact equivalence of plane functions germs. Abstract
P. Migus Sufficiency of non Isolated Singularities.
A. Szlachcinska Metric properties of semialgebraic mappings.
G. Valette Lipschitz stratifications of definable sets (Joint work with Nhan Xuan Viet n'Guyen). Abstract