Some Previous Projects

An easy-to-use web interface demonstrating Jacques-Louis Lions Laboratory software.

The University of Paris 6 Jacques-Louis Lions Laboratory was equiped with a stereoscopic visualisation setup. Here are the technical details.

In cooperation with the RMOD project. Visualizes air flow inside lungs (time-independant - time-dependant).

World Wide Web version of a talk given during HPCN 96 in Brussels. The underlying work (done while at Oxford University) answers to the question : is BSP (and the implemented library BSPlib) a viable alternative to a well-known parallel communications library as MPI or PVM ?

Scientific pictures and videos created while at Oxford University Computing Laboratory.

Slides from 1991 at INRIA (Rocquencourt, France). Application of Boltzmann fluxes to the numerical solution of Navier-Stockes equations.