dnl FreeFEM-cs - an integrated environment for FreeFEM
an integrated environment for FreeFEM
Antoine Le Hyaric, Jacques-Louis Lions Laboratory.


Installation Instructions

Download FreeFEM-cs from http://www.ljll.math.upmc.fr/~lehyaric/ffcs/install.htm

The FreeFEM-cs package contains the following programs :

  • ffcs : main user interface (including editor and 3D graphics)
  • ffcscli : command-line interface (no editor)
  • ffcsserver : standalone server, used only when the client and the server do not run on the same machine
  • prettyedp : FreeFEM-cs color-coded syntax for HTML and Latex

Untar the package to any location (e.g. the desktop). Then double-click on "ffcs" in the package directory (Note for Windows : the preferred way to run FreeFEM-cs under Windows is through the Windows Subsystem for Linux)

Compiling from Source


Install the following packages :

  • apt-get-based distributions (like Ubuntu or Debian) : parameter apt-get unknown
  • yum-based distributions (like Fedora) : sudo yum install bison curl flex rsync wget gcc-c++ gcc-gfortran libXft-devel libXext-devel libXpm-devel libXt-devel m4 gmake mesa-common-dev mesa-libglu1-dev openmpi-devel vtk-devel mesa-libGLU-devel cmake bzip2


  • autoreconf -i
  • ./configure (add "--help" for a list of options)
  • make
  • pack/work/ffcs to run FreeFEM-cs without installing it
  • make install (to install locally) or make package (to build a package to install elsewhere) if required

The compilation process produces a compressed .tgz archive in the pack subdirectory.

Using a remote server

FreeFEM-cs is able to contact a remote server (e.g. on a dedicated computational server) to run FreeFEM scripts :

  • Install FreeFEM-cs on the client computer (the one where graphics will be displayed).
  • Also install FreeFEM-cs (or at least the server part) on the computer where FreeFEM computations will run.
  • Start ffcsserver on the server. If necessary, the command-line option "-ServerPort" makes the server listen to another TCP port than the default. Please be careful that the server should always be protected against unauthorized use. Because of the very high flexibility of the FreeFEM language, internet access to this server should always be controlled and restricted to identified users (e.g. through the provided passwd file). As a precautionnary measure, the "system" keyword is disabled on all remote FreeFEM-cs servers.
  • In the FreeFEM-cs client, check "Options/Remote Server" and specify the name of the server in "Options/Other Options/Server Name". You may also have to specify a TCP port number in "Options/Other Options/Server Port" if "-ServerPort" was used on the server. And also "Options/Other Options/Server User" and "Options/Other Options/Server Password" according to the contents of the FreeFEM-cs/passwd file on the server.