an integrated environment for FreeFEM
Antoine Le Hyaric, Jacques-Louis Lions Laboratory.


Frequently Asked Questions

How to install FreeFEM-cs?

Everything is detailed in the Installation Instructions.

Do I need to download both FreeFEM and FreeFEM-cs?

Yes, starting from FreeFEM-cs version 15, FreeFEM-cs and FreeFEM are kept in separate packages to allow everyone to pick the versions that they need.

Is it possible to use FreeFEM-cs with any version of FreeFEM?


Which reference should be used to cite FreeFEM-cs?

"Antoine Le Hyaric. Introduction to FreeFem++-cs. 2015. <hal-01169630>" (bibtex)

Is it possible to call FreeFEM-cs in batch mode, eg from a shell script?

From version 11.14, when called with command-line option "-Batch" and a FreeFEM program file name, FreeFEM-cs automatically executes the FreeFEM program and returns control to the calling shell script when the program ends. FreeFEM-cs still needs to open windows, but this can also be hidden (eg in Linux with xvfb.


What should I do if a virus scanner reports that FreeFEM-cs contains a security threat?

To the best of our knowledge, FreeFEM-cs does not contain any virus or other security threat. The development machines are protected with a virus detector and they do not report any threat either. If your virus scanner reports otherwise, it is very likely a "false positive" (ie the scanner uses a "heuristic" algorithm that is not 100% reliable). Please check the suspected file through other scanners (see for instance the free online service to get more information and let us know the result.