Solving Optimisation Problems Online. This site allows anyone to write and solve optimisation problems online in Python. All scripts can be edited and run directly on the site. A help page and a F.A.Q. are available.

The Javascript version of FreeFEM works straight out of an HTML page, on any recent internet browser, both online or offline, on any operating system where such a browser is available.

Rendering LATEX documents as Literate FreeFEM Programs.

Participating to the SeLaLib modular library for the kinetic and gyrokinetic simulation of tokamak plasmas by the semi-lagrangian method, in cooperation with Martin Campos Pinto.

FreeFEM-cs, an integrated development environment for FreeFEM. The client/server framework of this interface will enable computation and visualization on different machines (including parallel ones).

As much information as possible on applied mathematics software on one web page.

Gallery presenting some numerical simulations performed by members of the Jacques-Louis Lions Laboratory.