Goldman Michael

I am a junior CNRS researcher working in the Laboratoire Jacques-Louis Lions (LJLL) in the university of Paris 7.


Universite de Paris
Bat. Sophie Germain
Bureau 519
75205 PARIS Cedex 13

Email: michael.goldman(at)

Telephone: +33157279205

Research interests :

PDEs,  Geometric Measure Theory,  Image Processing,  Calculus of Variations,  Homogenization,  Moving Interfaces,  
Optimal Transportation,   Gamma Convergence,  Material Sciences...

Papers and Reports

CV in English and in French

Slides of Talks and divulgation material

Personal Statement :

I am trying to avoid as much as possible to contribute to non academically published journals, either by submitting papers or accepting to act as a referee for them (here is an uncomplete list of academic Journals).

See The cost of knowledge, T. Gower's blog, a list of Mathematical Journals that apply a Diamond Open Access policy

Links :

Preprint server CVGMT , Naomi Safran-Hon's webpage (artist) , some food for thought (or vice-versa)

Credits: Flowers are Zadok Ben David's masterpieces.