ERC Starting Grant QUANTHOM 2014--2019
Quantitative methods in stochastic homogenization



Publications and Preprints



Description of the project

The purpose of this project is to develop a quantitative theory of stochastic homogenization. Primary applications concern the analysis and computations for random models in physics and materials science, such as numerical methods for diffusion in heterogeneous media and the mathematical derivation of nonlinear elasticity theory from polymer-chain networks models.

The mathematical fields of concern are:
  • linear and nonlinear partial differential equations
  • calculus of the variations
  • statistical physics
  • probability theory
  • random geometry
  • numerical analysis
  • scientific computing
The scientific project contains three main parts.

The first part is devoted to the development of a quantitative theory of stochastic homogenization. The far-reaching goal is to quantitatively relate the statistics of the solution of a PDE with random coefficients to the statistics of its coefficients for the largest class of PDEs and coefficients possible. The prototypical equation considered is a linear elliptic equation in divergence form.

The second part is devoted to the development and the analysis of numerical methods to solve PDEs with rapidly oscillating coefficients, which are consistent and optimal with respect to the quantitative stochastic homogenization theory.

The third part is devoted to the mathematical derivation of nonlinear elasticity theory from polymer-chain networks models. The aim is threefold:
  • fully justify hyperelastic models from first principles in the form of the statistic physics of polymer-chain networks
  • develop and analyze a numerical strategy to approximate the associated energy density
  • confront the results to physical and mechanical experiments

Scientific results

See Publications and Preprints

Team and collaborators

Coordinator of the project:
  • Antoine Gloria, Sorbonne Université
PhD Students:
  • Mitia Duerinckx (2014-2017)
Post-doctoral fellows:
  • Thomas Gallouët (2014-2015)
  • Antoine Benoit (2015-2017)
  • Christopher Shirley (2015-2019)
  • Matthias Ruf (2017-2019)
  • Laure Giovangigli (2017-2018)


Here is a list of events organized or sponsored by the ERC project.

Workshop on Relaxation, homogenization and dimensional reduction in hyperelasticity
Organized by Gilles Francfort (Paris 13), Martin Kruzik (Prague), and Antoine Gloria
Université Paris-Nord, March 25-27, 2014

Minisymposium on stochastic homogenization at EQUADIFF 2015
Organized by Scott Armstrong (Paris Dauphine) and Antoine Gloria
Université Lyon, July 6-7, 2015

Workshop on Multiscale problems and relaxation in nonlinear elasticity
Organized by Antoine Gloria and Stefan Neukamm (Dresden).
TU Dresden (Department of Mathematics), July 4–5, 2017.