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[   ]Allaire G., Pantz O., Structural optimization with Freefem++, 2005.pdf2020-11-29 09:31 795K 
[   ]Dapogny C., Geometrical shape optimization in fluid mechanics using FreeFem++, 2018.pdf2020-11-29 09:31 4.2M 
[   ]Dufour S., Mesh adaptation by modifying the node positions, 2001.pdf2020-11-29 09:31 167K 
[   ]Huiskamp G., Difference formulas for the surface Laplacian on a triangulated surface.pdf2020-11-29 09:31 5.3M 
[   ]Persson P.O., A simple mesh generator in Matlab.pdf2020-11-29 09:31 684K 
[   ]Saad Y., GMRES, a generalized minimal residual algorithm for solving nonsymmetric linear systems.pdf2020-11-29 09:31 1.5M 
[   ]Sethian J.S., Smereka P., Level set methods for fluid interfaces.pdf2020-11-29 09:31 489K 

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