ANR Project

The project MUFFIN aims at making progress in the numerical simulation of multidimensional kinetic equations.

Short summary: in many applications, one is faced with the problem of solving numerically a set of transport equations, also called kinetic equations in this document. The huge difficulty attached to this task is that it may be computationally exhausting, mainly because of the high dimension1 and of the multi-scale nature of the model (with strong gradients/filamentation, or with boundary layers/jump/variations in the coefficients). Therefore one is forced to admit that the numerical solution of transport/kinetic equations is a bottleneck for advanced modelling and simulation in applied multi-physics sciences. Two exemplary recent references are in the context of supercomputing and in the context of computational magnetized plasma.

Contract number: ANR-19-CE46-0004

Three poles: LJLL Sorbonne university, IMT University Toulouse III, LMJL University Nantes

Core members: M. Badsi, C. Berthon, M. Campos-Pinto, F. Charles, A. Crestetto, B. Després, F. Filbet, S. Histoaga, R. Loubere, J. Narski, P.-H. Tournier, M.-H. Vignal.
Students: A. Rege, ...

Link to the Web page groupe de travail du LJLL-UPMC sur les plasmas


  • Réunion à l'ANR du 18 novembre 2019.
  • Kick-off Meeting: Mardi 04 février 2020
  • Workshop planned: mid-2023

  • Hiring: 4 years of post-doctoral positions are founded by ANR, to be held between 2020 and 2024.

  • Trefftz/moment method for magnetized transport: 2 years at Sorbonne University (Paris). contact
  • Simulation of magnetized sheath: 1 years at Nantes University. contact
  • Low-rank methods for transport: 1 years at Toulouse University.

    Administrative material
    Document of the project
    slides Mehdi Badsi, kick-off meeting 04/02/2020