Visist of Jan Zapletal at LJLL/UPMC

March 2018
LJLL, University Paris VI

Summary: Dr. Jan Zapletal, researcher of the center IT4Innovation, a supercomputing center in hiosted in the University of Ostrava, Czech Republic is visiting X.Claeys spending a full month in LJLL/UPMC in March 2018. Dr. Zapletal is an expert in the massive parallelisation of boundary integral solvers and domain decomposition.

Work meeting on research axis 2

Monday the 11th and Thursday the 26th of October 2017
Hours: 2 pm - 5 pm
ENSTA, POems laboratory, Saclay
August the 31st and September the 1st, 2017
LJLL, University Paris VI
Room: 15-16-309

Summary: Modelling and simulation of wave propagation phenomena is a broad topic connected to many applications, but also raising a lot of numerical and theoretical challenges. Some of these challenges are targeted by ANR projects Medimax and NonlocalDD, and the purpose of this workshop is to gather specialists on wave propagation topics related to these two projects. The aim is to encourage exchanges and discussions, with a particular focus (but not limited to) the following aspects: domain decomposition, integral methods, inverse problems and medical imaging, asymptotic modelling, high order methods and numerical and analytical modelling. Invited speakers:

August the 31st:
  • Francesco Andriulli
  • Euan Spence
  • Jorg Ostrowski
  • Ursula von Rienen
  • Serguey Semenov
  • Christian Pichot
  • Marcella Bonazzoli
  • Pierre-Henri Tournier
September the 1st:
  • Martin Gander
  • Edouard Demaldent
  • Clemens Pechstein
  • Marcus Grote
  • Samuel Nosal
  • François Alouges
  • Roland Griesmaier

Sabbatical stay of R.Hiptmair at LJLL/UPMC

January to June 2017
LJLL, UPMC University Paris VI

On the occasion of his sabbatical leave, Professor Ralf Hiptmair from the Seminar of Applied Mathematics at ETH Zürich will be staying at laboratoire Jacques-Louis Lions in UPMC. We will be located in the office 15-25-317.

Work meeting on research axis 2

Monday the 22nd March 2017
Hours: 2 pm - 5 pm
ENSTA, POems laboratory, Saclay

General meeting of the NonlocalDD project

Monday the 6th March 2017
Hours: 2 pm - 5 pm
LJLL, University Paris VI
Room: 15-16-309
ElastoPhi project
July 2016
at CIRM, Luminy

Summary: On the occasion of the CEMRACS summer school (that includes L.Grigori as co-organiser), the project ElastoPhi has been supervised by F.Nataf and X.Claeys in collaboration with I.BenGharbia from Institut Français du Pétrole Energies Nouvelles (IFPEN). The ElastoPhi project involved P.Marchand and M.Bonazzoli as students, and P.-H.Tournier participated in the supervision. This project has been concerned with the acceleration of matrix-vector products in the boundary integral equation based solution of an elastostatic problem around crack networks. This project has gave the opportunity to develop a Hmatrix based linear solver.

Work meeting on research axis 2

Monday the 10th June 2016
Hours: 2 pm - 5 pm
ENSTA, POems laboratory, Saclay

Kickoff meeting

Thursday the 8th October 2015
Hours: 2 pm - 5 pm
University Paris VI
Room: 15-25-321