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Welcome on my professionnal webpage

I am currently "maître de conférences" (assistant professor) at the laboratoire Jacques-Louis Lions, part of the university Pierre et Marie Curie


My research concerns hyperbolic systems of conservations laws containing an interface: a portion of the spacial domain is "exceptionnal". I did my Ph.D. under the supervision of Frédéric Lagoutière in the math departement of the Paris Sud University. I defended in September, 2014. I spent the year 2014-2015 as a post doc in the mathematical institute od the Aix-Marseille University.


This year, I teach linear algebra for third year students, exercice sessions of numerical methods for linear PDEs for fourth year students, and programming sessions of numerical methods for ODEs for third years students. I also proposed research initation projects, and supervised a group of "thinking of your professionnal future" for second year students.

Math en Jeans

Math en jeans is an association that organizes math club in secondary and high school. Small groups of teens work on research like problems during a year. They expose their results in a annual meeting and through an article. I was "the researcher" of such a math club in a secondary school in Orsay for two years. I supervized approximately 20 students per year, they were 13-14 years old.