LJLL-Shanghai Meeting

Laboratoire Jacques-Louis Lions, UPMC
July 7 - July 9, 2014
     Title and Abstract


Radja Alexandre :
Well posedness in Sobolev spaces of the Prandtl equation (Abstract)
Muriel Boulakia :
Modeling and numerical simulations in cardiac electrophysiology (Abstract)
Albert Cohen :
Estimating the n-width of solution manifolds of parametric PDEs (Abstract)
Jean-Michel Coron :
Some tools to study the controllability and the stabilization of Korteweg de Vries equations (Abstract)
Shijin Deng :
Green's functions of wave equation in $R_+^n\times R_+$ (Abstract)
Bruno Després :
Method of moment for hyperbolic systems of conservation laws, and application to reduced mhd models in Tokamaks (Abstract)
Jean-Pierre Françoise :
Time multiscaled version of the Hopf-Takens bifurcation (Abstract)
Cindy Guichard :
Simulation of two-phase flow in porous media (Abstract)
Shi Jin :
Uncertainty Quantification for Kinetic and Hyperbolic Equations with Diffusive Scalings (Abstract)
Yachun Li :
On local existence of shallow water equations with vacuum (Abstract)
Alexander Lorz :
A population model with small density cut-off (Abstract)
Yvon Maday :
A posteriori analysis to guarantee electronic structure calculations (Abstract)
Olivier Pironneau :
Stochastic control and calculus of variations for mean-field type problems (Abstract)
Sylvia Serfaty :
Questions of crystallization in Coulomb systems (Abstract)
Nicolas Vauchelet :
Mathematical modelling of tumor growth : cell models and incompressible limit (Abstract)
Ya-Guang Wang :
A well-posedness result of the Prandtl equations in 3-d (Abstract)
Zhiqiang Wang :
Stabilization of extrusion process modeled by hyperbolic systems coupled through a moving interface (Abstract)
Dongmei Xiao :
Bifurcation and global dynamics of three dimensional Lotka–Volterra systems (Abstract)
Lei Zhang :
Construction and Analysis of Consistent Energy Based Atomistic/Continuum Coupling Methods (Abstract)
Xiaoqun Zhang :
Dynamic SPECT reconstruction from few projections by spatialtemporal sparsity constrained matrix factorization (Abstract)
Douglas Zhou :
Topology reconstruction of integrate-and-fire neuronal networks (Abstract)