A Reduced Basis Approach for Variational Problems with Stochastic Parameters: Application to Heat Conduction with Variable Robin Coefficient


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Abstract : In this work, a Reduced Basis (RB) approach is used to solve a large number of Boundary Value Problems (BVPs) parametrized by a stochastic input-expressed as a Karhunen-Loève expansion - in order to compute outputs that are smooth functionals of the random solution fields. The RB method proposed here for variational problems parametrized by stochastic co-efficients bears many similarities to the RB approach developed previously for deterministic systems. However, the stochastic framework requires the development of new a posteriori estimates for "statistical" outputs - such as the first two moments of integrals of the random solution fields; these error bounds, in turn, permit efficient sampling of the input stochastic parameters and fast reliable computation of the outputs in particular in the many-query context.

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Date: 2008-09-11