Injectivity Radius of Lorentzian Manifolds


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Abstract: Motivated by the application to spacetimes of general relativity we investigate the geometry and regularity of Lorentzian manifolds under certain curvature and volume bounds. We establish several injectivity radius estimates at a point or on the past null cone of a point. Our estimates are entirely local and geometric, and are formulated via a reference Riemannian metric that we canonically associate with a given observer (p, T) where p is a point of the manifold and T is a future-oriented time-like unit vector prescribed at p. The proofs are based on a generalization of arguments from Riemannian geometry. We first establish estimates on the reference Riemannian metric, and then express them in term of the Lorentzian metric. In the context of general relativity, our estimates should be useful to investigate the regularity of spacetimes satisfying Einstein field equations.

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Date: 2007-01-17