Download the Mefisto software

Version Française

The using rules of the software MEFISTO :
The using of the software Mefisto and its numerical results are FREE.
But, it is forbidden to trade the software without an agreement with the authors.
More, any publication must mention the using of the software MEFISTO and its access on the web at
The RIGHT BEHAVIOUR of the software is NEVER GUARANTEED. Any damage, done by the using of the software, could never be the subject of compensation.
Any try of installation implies that the User has accepted implicitly this rules.

2 methods can be used to install the Mefisto software:

  1. Download the load modules and install
  2. Download the Fortran and C sources, compile and install
  3. This second method permits to adjust the memory size used by the software to the available memory size of the PC.
    The gfortran and gcc compilers must be available on the PC (with -fopenmp option to a multi-threads processor)

If you want modify, enrich the Méfisto sources to program your own algorithm and test it, you can use some commands of the $MEFISTO/bin library

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