an integrated environment for FreeFem++
Antoine Le Hyaric, Jacques-Louis Lions Laboratory.



FreeFem++-cs is an integrated environment for FreeFem++ (a C++-like computer language dedicated to the finite element method, developed at the Jacques-Louis Lions Laboratory, Pierre and Marie Curie University). FreeFem++-cs provides an intuitive graphical interface to FreeFem++ users.

FreeFem++-cs adds the following extra features to FreeFem++ :

  • Integrated interface aimed at making users comfortable,
  • Color-coded editor,
  • Automatic highlighting of FreeFem++ compilation errors, linked back to the EDP source code,
  • Integrated graphics area for 2d and 3d,
  • Online help including documentation in HTML.

FreeFem++-cs follows a client/server design : the client deals with user interaction, the server runs FreeFem++ (hence its name : "cs" as in "Client and Server"). More details can be found in the Introduction to FreeFem++-cs.

The FreeFem++-cs licence is LGPL. I would also be grateful for using the following reference when describing work done with FreeFem++-cs :

Antoine Le Hyaric. Introduction to FreeFem++-cs. 2015. <hal-01169630> (bibtex)