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Año: 2001



This book contains original contributions of internationally renowned experts in the field of Scientific Computation in Aerospace Engineering. The methodologies and their associated tools described in this volume aim at presenting the State of the Art of Mathematical and Computational Sciences. These methodologies are critical to the Advanced Technologies needed to meet the future challenges in Aerospace Engineering Design. The theoretical and applied topics selected here are of particular interest to young computer scientists and engineers involved in future orientations of research and technology. They will find insights to help them solve the modern design challenges faced by Aeronautics such as aircraft efficiency, reliable design, environmental and safety concerns. Cover illustration : Incompressible Unsteady Navier Stokes Flow around an air intake at high angle of attack and Reynolds number 750 computed by B. Mantel in 1978 with least squares and P1/P1isoP2 finite element methods.

Autor: J. Periaux, P. Joly, O. Pironneau and E. Oñate (Ed

Editorial: CIMNE

Índice: -J.-L. Lions and V. Girault, Two-grid finite element schemes for the steady Navier-Stokes problem; -J.-F. Maitre and H. Souhail A finite volume a posteriori error estimator generated by a hierarchical mixed finite element basis; - K. Morgan, O. Hassan, K.A. Sørensen and N.P. Weatherill Unstructured grid procedures for 3D transient compressible flow with moving boundaries; - O. Pironneau, The method of characteristics with gradients and integrals; Chapter II : Computational Fluid Design - T. Chacón Rebollo and D. Franco Coronil, A low-Mach isotropic compressible turbulence model obtained by homogenization techniques R. Glowinski and T.W. Pan, A splitting/wave-like equation method for the Navier-Stokes equations modelling incompressible viscous flow F. Grasso and S. Pirozzoli, Shock wave - hot entropy spot interactions: vorticity dynamics -F. Chalot, Q.V. Dinh, M. Mallet, M. Ravachol, G. Rogé, P. Rostand and B. Stoufflet, Achievements and challenges of CFD for aircraft design - P. Kiousis, E.S. Politis, K. Mathioudakis and K.D. Papailiou, Computation of a separated flow compressor cascade with tip clearance - P. Perrier, Multiscale amplification of an extreme event in turbulence flow Chapter III : Mesh generators and solvers - G. Chiandussi, G. Bugeda and E. Oñate, A simple method for automatic adaption of finite element meshes to changes in the boundary shape - P.L. George, Automatic mesh generation for aeronautical and aerospace engineering - E. Heikkola, T. Rossi and J. Toivanen, A domain decomposition technique for two-dimensional scattering problems with coated obstacles - K. Morinishi, A gridless type olver for high-lift systems. - E. Oñate, C. Sacco and S. Idelsohn, Meshless analysis of incompressible flows using the finite point method. Chapter IV : Optimization and Evolutionary Computing - T. Bäck, Evolution strategies: overview and a CFD application - H.-Q. Chen and J. Périaux, DDM for flow simulation via GA and game theory - A. Clarich and C. Poloni, Optimisation of a three-element high-lift configuration - A. Dervieux, N. Marco, C. Held and B. Koobus, Hierarchical principles and preconditioning for optimum design and identification - J.-A. Désidéri, N. Marco-Blaszka, J. Périaux and M. Sefrioui, Genetic algorithms for optimization problems in CFD and CEM -K.C. Giannakoglou, Optimization and inverse design in aeronautics: how to couple genetic algorithms with radial basis function networks - W. Haase and M. Stettner, Multi-objective aerodynamic and aeroelastic optimization… - H. Hamda and M. Schoenauer Towards hierarchical representations for evolutionary topological optimum design - H. Kawarada, Y. Hiroki and H. Suito, Neural network optimization mehod - L. Miramontes Hercog and T.C. Fogarty, Analysis inductive intelligence in XCS-based multi-agent system (MAXCS) - S.V. Peigin, Solution of aerospace design optimization problems by genetic algorithms - D. Quagliarella and A. Vicini, Optimization of a two component airfoil using multiobjective genetic algorithms - M. Sefrioui and J. Périaux, Nash genetic algorithms: examples and applications -G. Winter, B. Galván, P. Cuesta, D. Greiner, J. Abderramán, B. González, I. Cabrera and J.A. Jiménez Genetic algorithms with variance reduction techniques and application in transonic flow shape optimisation

ISBN: ISBN: 84-89925-77-1
Precio: 44,00 €