cours NM406

  Année 2014-15

 F. Hecht. 

Version 10 nov 2014

Tutorial  C++  in room 16-26 401  with X. Claeys friday 8h30 to 10h30. 

week 1:  20 / 26 october.

    presentation of the EU. 

    Finite element method,

    First how to build matrix en right hanside to solve  Laplace equation 

     $$ - \Delta u =f  in \Omega$$

     $$ u = g$ on \Gamma$

with finite element.

see chapter 2 section 2.1 to section 2.5. 

week 2-3 : 3 november

  all code to solve the Laplace equation 

in directory w2-3/c++ :

Week 4; 10 november

End of explaination of the code of

Correction of the manufactured solution.

Introdction of type of sparce matrix: COO, CSR, CSC see wiki page on subjet

Small tour of stl see

Explaination of H-code see

Week 5: 17 november.