How to install my version (F. Hecht)  of FreeFem++ with mpi or not  

on your mac under Lion .  (29/09/2011)

To install my binary 

Remark, now the freefem++ application do not work on MacOs 10.7 Lion because the ff++ launcher was to old (in ppc code), so the simple way is to launch FreeFem++ is form the terminal or from a textedtor like (Fraise).

The difficulty is under mac, they are no fortran by default

downloads  for page

On a terminal do : (cut and past the following  blue lines)

(cd /tmp;

case `sw_vers -productVersion` in 



curl -O   $url/freefem++-v3.14-MacOs-10.7.tar.gz;

curl -O   $url/;

curl -O   $url/openmpi-1.4.4rc2-95-macport-MacOs10.7.tar.bz2;

sudo tar jxvf  openmpi-1.4.4rc2-95-macport-MacOs10.7.tar.bz2 -k -C /;

sudo tar zxvf  freefem++-v3.14-MacOs-10.7.tar.gz  -C /;

sudo tar zxvf  -C /Applications;

echo " install OK " ;;

 *) echo Sorry not in 10.7 / Lion version; 


esac )

Remark this  do not change any existing file in openmpi due to -k option in 

tar command. 

To launch freefem++  run in a terminal do

 FreeFem++  /usr/local/share/freefem++/3.14/examples++-tutorial/cavityNewtow.edp

To launch the MPI version with graphics: 

ff-mpirun -np 4   /usr/local/share/freefem++/3.14/examples++-mpi/DDM-Schwarz-Lap-2dd.edp -glut ffglut

if you need to recompile some freefem++ plugins  (dylib)

 you need to  Do the follow  instalation process:

0)  Install the developper tools form the apple DVD's.

1) get macport for  and installation:

  sudo port selfupdate ;

  sudo port install g95;

  sudo port install wget;

2) get and install  mercurial form

3) Openmpi ( ok with my version)

4) get Tex/laTex for the documention build 

form install

5)  install cmake for compiletion of download library


5)  download the last freefem++ version , do


hg clone

cd ff++ 

./configure '-with-suffix=snow-leopard'  '--enable-download'  'F77=/opt/local/bin/g95' '-with-mpi=/usr/local/bin/mpic++' '--enable-m64' 'FLIBS=/opt/local/lib/g95/x86_64-apple-darwin10/4.2.4/libf95.a' 'MPIF77=/usr/local/bin/mpif77' 'MPICC=/usr/local/bin/mpicc' 'MPIFC=/usr/local/bin/mpif90'


make install

Remark to  recompile  openmpi  with fortran interface  and install do :


remark, I have test with version 1.4.4rc2 , but I thing no problem acure  with this new version

 tar zxvf openmpi-1.4.4rc2.tar.bz2

 cd openmpi-1.4.4rc2

 ./configure FC=/opt/local/bin/g95 F77=/opt/local/bin/g95 

 sudo make install