Personal Software Library

Various pieces of software have been developed over the years with my students and colleagues (at INRIA or at UPMC).
Below you will be able to download the source code or precompiled versions on MacIntel (OSX 10.5), Linux and Windows XP platforms.
All software codes share a convenient and efficient data structure for meshes and solutions: the .mesh and .sol format.

Source codes are in the repository archives. Feel free to download.
Examples of numerical simulations using these codes can be found on this page.

For any question related to these software codes, please contact me.

Please notice that the software are free of charges for academic research only.
Please contact me or the Research and Technology Transfert Department" should you need to use the software for other purposes.

Meshing tools

3d Delaunay-based anisotropic mesh adaptation and mesh moving.

Produces quasi-uniform meshes with respect to a metric tensor field. Uses local mesh modifications and Delaunay kernel to adapt the initial mesh. Allows to deal with rigid body motion and moving meshes.

C. Dobrzynski (Univ. Bordeaux I), P.F.

mmg3d 4.0

archive file

Surface mesh anisotropic adaptation and mesh decimation.

Surface meshes are adapted to the intrinsic properties of the discrete surface to produce quasi-uniform meshes using local mesh modification to adapt the initial triangulation. It can be used to produce anisotropic triangulations adapted to levelset simulations.

A technical report describes its main features.


archive file

Library for mesh management.

Provides a set of useful commands to read/write mesh files using the mesh data structure.

Loic Marechal (Inria)

libmesh 5

archive file


Linear elasticity solver.

Solver based on Lagrange P1 and P2 finite elements for two and three dimensional domains.

M. DeBuhan (UPMC), P.F.


archive file

Stokes solver for viscous flows.

Solver based on Lagrange P1 finite elements for two dimensional domains. Especially designed to handle Stokes equations for the incompressible flow between two immiscible fluids presenting a large viscosity ratio.

C. Bui (UPMC), B. Maury (Univ. Orsay), P.F.

stokes 2.0b

archive file

Advection equation solver.

Solver based on Lagrange P1 finite elements and the method of characteristics to efficiently solve the advection equation.

C. Bui (UPMC), P.F.

advect 1.1

archive file

Library for sparse matrix management.

Provide a set of routines to handle Compressed Sparse Row matrices as well as (precond.) Conjugate Gradient and GMRES tools.

matrix 1.1

archive file

Mesh adaptation

Interpolate solution(s) between two meshes in 2d and 3d.

Efficient transfer (P1 interpolation) of solution(s) between two meshes, useful in the adaptation loop.

mshint 2.1

archive file

Error estimate for 2d and 3d unstructured meshes.

Compute anisotropic metric based on solution variations (i.e. Hessian-based). One option allows to construct a metric suitable for level set interface capturing.

mshmet 2.3

archive file

Scientific Visualization

medit 3.0 OpenGL-based scientific visualization software.

developped to visualize numerical simulation results on unstructured meshes in two and three dimensions. Scalar, vector and tensor fields can be easily associated and displayed with meshes.

Thanks to C. Dobrzynski, there is an inline HTML documentation (but in French).
There is also a technical report describing its main features.

OSX 10.4

Mesh data