Bruno Desprs

Professor at the Jacques-Louis Lions Laboratory
et Institut universitaire de France 2016

Tower 15-25, third floor, office 17

Adress University PARIS 6, UPMC
4 place Jussieu, Paris IV, 75015, Paris

  • CV (2016) pdf .
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  • My principal fields of interest come from the mathematical analysis and numerical solution of Partial Differential Equations from the mathematical physics (wave equations, compressible fluids) with application mainly to various problems of interest arising in Plasma Physics (ICF-Inertial Confinement Fusion and MCF-Magnetic Confinement Fusion).
  • Link to the english translation of the seminal TREFFTZ paper (translation by Maunder) HERE.
  • New book: Numerical Methods for Eulerian and Lagrangian Conservation HERE.

    Recent 2016/2017 papers or preprints

  • Algorithms for positive polynomial approximation, with F. Charles and M. Campos-Pinto, HAL Preprint 2017

  • Navier-Stokes Hierarchies of Reduced MHD Models in Tokamak Geometry, with Remy Sart, Journal of Mathematical Fluid Mechanics 2017

  • Two sided space-time L1 approximation and optimal control of polynomial systems, with Emmanuel Trelat, HAL Preprint 2017

  • Sharpening methods for finite volume schemes, with F. Lagoutire and Samuel Kokh HAL Preprint 2016

  • Polynomials with bounds and numerical approximation, Numerical Algorithms 2017

  • Constructive formulations of resonant Maxwell's equations, with Martin Campos-Pinto, HAL Preprint 2016

  • Uncertainty propagation; intrusive kinetic formulations of scalar conservation laws, with Benoit Perthame, SIAM JUQ 2016.

    Cours 2017-2018