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Bienvenue - Laboratoire Jacques-Louis Lions




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Chiffres janvier 2014


Séminaire du LJLL : P.-O. Persson

13 novembre 2015 — 14h00
Per-Olof Persson (Université de Californie Berkeley)
High-order methods for turbulent flow simulations on deforming domains
 It is widely believed that high-order accurate numerical methods, for example discontinuous Galerkin (DG) methods, will eventually replace the traditional low-order methods in the solution of many problems, including fluid flows, solid dynamics, and wave propagation. In this talk I will present some of the recent developments in our work on efficient and robust DG schemes for real-world problems with deforming domains. Topics include high-quality unstructured curved mesh generation, high-order compact and sparse numerical schemes, artificial viscosity based stabilization of underresolved features such as shocks and turbulence models, scalable preconditioners for parallel iterative solvers, and implicit-explicit schemes for the partitioning of coupled fluid-structure interaction problems. The methods will be demonstrated on important practical problems, including the inverse design of energetically optimal flapping wings and large eddy simulation of multiple vertical axis wind turbines.