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5 postes ATER en mathématiques à Sorbonne Université
date limite le 5 avril à 16h
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Séminaire du LJLL : H. Huang

03 juillet 2015 — 14h00
Huaxiong Huang (Université York Toronto)
An immersed boundary method for mass transfer across a moving permeable interface

 In this talk we present an immersed boundary method for mass transfer across a moving interface immersed in an viscous incompressible fluid. One of the key features of our method is the introduction of the mass flux as an independent variable, governed by a non-standard vector transport equation. The flux equation, coupled with the mass transport and the fluid flow equations, allows for a natural implementation of an immersed boundary algorithm when the flux across the interfaces is proportional to the jump in concentration. As an example, the oxygen transfer from red blood cells in a capillary vessel is used to illustrate the applicability of the proposed method. We show that our method is capable of handling multi-physics problems involving fluid-structure interaction with multiple deformable moving interfaces and (interfacial) mass transfer simultaneously. If time permits, extension of the current method will be discussed.
 This is joint work with X. Gong and Z. Gong.