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Luca Calatroni

Lundi 9 avril 2018

Luca Calatroni (CMAP Polytechnique)

Analysis and optimisation of a variational model for mixed noise removal.

Résumé :
We propose a variational model modelling the presence of mixed noise distributions in several images applications such as microscopy and astronomical images. The resulting model can be interpreted as the joint Maximum A Posteriori (MAP) estimator of the likelihood function. By introducing a Total Variation (TV) regularisation, we then consider the image correspondent image denoising model. The well-posedness analysis is performed in a functional space setting and insights on the structure of solutions as the model weights vary are also given. For their optimal choice we propose a PDE-constrained optimisation approach and derive the optimality systems by means of the adjoint state in a functional setting. We test the effectiveness of the proposed model on several synthetic examples. This is joint work with C.B. Schönlieb (University of Cambridge, UK), J.C. De Los Reyes (ModeMat, Quito, Ecuador) and K. Papafitsoros (WIAS Institute, Berlin, Germany).