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Bienvenue - Laboratoire Jacques-Louis Lions




Paris Cité
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Internships (10th and 11th grades high school students)
Job shadowing (Year 10, Year 11 students) See

Key figures

Key figures

189 people work at LJLL

86 permanent staff

80 researchers and permanent lecturers

6 engineers, technicians and administrative staff

103 non-permanent staff

74 Phd students

15 post-doc and ATER

14 emeritus scholars and external collaborators


January 2022


GdT Thésards : L. Giraldi


Control Theory and Cellular Motility in Stokes Flow


Swimming, i.e., being able to advance in the absence of external forces by performing cyclic shape changes, is particularly demanding at low Reynolds numbers which is the regime of interest for micro-organisms and micro-robots.

First, we will explain the mechanical bases of cellular motility. Starting from observations of biological self-propulsion, we will analyze the geometric structure underlying motility at small scales. Then, by using control theory, we will examine to what extent the presence of a plane wall affects the motility of micro-swimmers.