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Bienvenue - Laboratoire Jacques-Louis Lions

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189 personnes travaillent au LJLL

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6 ingénieurs, techniciens et personnels administratifs

103 personnels non permanents

74 doctorants

15 post-doc et ATER

14 émérites et collaborateurs bénévoles


Chiffres janvier 2022


Séminaire du LJLL - 09 04 2021 14h00 : M.E. Rognes

09 avril 2021 — 14h00
Exposé à distance retransmis par Zoom
Marie E. Rognes (Laboratoire de recherche Simula, Oslo)
Numerical foundations of the brain’s waterscape
Your brain has its own waterscape : whether you are reading or sleeping, fluid flows around or through the brain tissue and clears waste in the process. These physiological processes are crucial for the well-being of the brain. In spite of their importance we understand them but little, and mathematical modelling could play a crucial role in gaining new insight. Surprisingly little attention has been paid to the mathematics and numerics of the brain’s waterscape however, and even fundamental knowledge is missing. After an introduction to brain physiology, I will discuss mathematical and numerical aspects relating to the brain’s waterscape focusing on two scales : viewing the brain as a multi-network poroelastic medium at the macroscale, and zooming in to study electrical, chemical and mechanical interactions between brain cells at the microscale.