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The talks will take place in the seminar room of Laboratoire Jacques-Louis Lions, room 15-16-309. Lunch and coffee breaks will be served in the coffee break room nearby. The room is equipped with a large blackboard and a video-projector. The duration of talks will be 45 minutes including questions.

Thursday 31st August

9h00-9h45: Francesco Andriulli

Title: Fast and Stable Solutions of EM Problems till Arbitrarily Low Frequencies with and without Barycentric Refinements

9h45-10h30: Euan Spence

Title: Acoustic and electromagnetic transmission problems: wave number-explicit bounds and resonance-free regions


coffee break

11h00-11h45: Jorg Ostrowski

Title: Transient 3D simulation of dielectric breakdowns in transformers during lightning impulse tests

11h45-12h30: Ursula von Rienen

Title: Simulation studies on the volume of tissue activated in a human and a rat model for deep brain stimulation

12h30-14h00: lunch

14h00-14h45: Serguey Semenov

Title: Electromagnetic Tomography for Brain Imaging

14h45-15h30: Christian Pichot

Title: Tomographic Microwave Imaging for Stroke Detection and Monitoring - Simulation Complexity and Experimental Error Modeling

15h30-16h00: coffee break

16h00-16h45: Marcella Bonazzoli

Title: High order finite elements and domain decomposition methods for the time-harmonic Maxwell's equations

16h45-17h30: Pierre-Henri Tournier

Title: Parallel preconditioners for problems arising from whole-microwave system modeling for brain imaging

Friday 1st September

9h00-9h45: Martin Gander

Title: Iterative Solvers for Helmholtz Problems: AILU Factorizations, Sweeping Preconditioners, Source Transfer, Single Layer Potentials, Polarized Traces, and Optimal and Optimized Schwarz Methods

9h45-10h30: Edouard Demaldent

Title: Overview of domain decomposition strategies applied to the simulation of electromagnetic testing by the boundary element method

10h30-11h00: coffee break

11h00-11h45: Clemens Pechstein

Title: Non-overlapping domain decomposition formulations for the wave equation

11h45-12h30: Marcus Grote

Title: On exact controllability methods for the Helmholtz equation

12h30-14h00: lunch

14h00-14h45: Samuel Nosal

Title: Challenges of the electromagnetic simulation of airborne sensors

14h45-15h30: François Alouges

Title: GypsiLab: A Matlab toolbox for FEM/BEM coupling. Application to wave simulation.

15h30-16h00: coffee break

16h00-16h45: Roland Griesmaier

Title: Uncertainty principles for far field patterns and applications to inverse source problems

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