Workshop on "Challenges in High-Dimensional Analysis and Computation"

San Servolo, Venice, Italy, May 2-6, 2016
Organizers: Gérard Biau (UPMC, Paris), Albert Cohen (UPMC, Paris), 
Wolfgang Dahmen (RWTH, Aachen), Ronald DeVore (Texas A&M, College Station), 
Yvon Maday (UPMC, Paris)

Supported by ERC AdV project BREAD and by
the excellence initiative of RWTH Aachen.

High dimensional problems are ubiquitous in an increasing number of areas 
of scientific computing, including statistical or active learning theory, 
parametric and stochastic partial differential equations, partial differential 
equations in high dimensional phase space, parameter optimization in numerical
codes. Such problems are typically challenged by the curse of dimensionality 
which means that the computational work needed to achieve a desired solution 
quality increases exponentially in the spatial dimension. It is apparent that 
the high demand from the applied world of efficient numerical methods for treating 
such problems cannot be satisfied by existing conventional methods even if 
significantly improved hardware capabilities were available. Instead truly novel 
rigorously founded  mathematical concepts seem to be required to meet these challenges.

The objective of this workshop is to gather experts from various areas - numerical 
analysis, computational harmonic analysis, statistics, information based complexity, 
approximation theory - initiating synergetic discussions and sharing views on the current 
challenges and possible  solutions for high-dimensional analysis and computational tasks.

The workshop takes place on San Servolo Island, a part of Venice International University (VIU),
which offers the unique combination of an isolated haven for academic meetings and 
immediate closeness to the city of Venice.

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List of participants (click on names for the slides):

Francis Bach
Markus Bachmayr
Peter Binev
Peter Buhlmann
Abdellah Chkifa
Albert Cohen
Wolfgang Dahmen
Ron DeVore
Virginie Ehrlacher
Mike Espig
Simon Foucart
Josselin Garnier
Lars Grasedyck
Michael Griebel
Max Gunzburger
Wolfgang Hackbusch
Abdul-Lateef Haji Ali
Gerard Kerkyacharian
Boris Khoromskij
Felix Krahmer
Frances Kuo
Tony Lelievre
Thi Hieu Luu
Yvon Maday
Mauro Maggioni
Giovanni Migliorati
Olga Mula
Antony Nouy
Erich Novak
Fabio Nobile
Dirk Nuyens
Ivan Oseledets
Dominique Picard
Holger Rauhut
Robert Scheichl
Reinhold Schneider
Christoph Schwab
Iain Sloan
Benjamin Stamm
Andrew Stuart
Endre Suli
Sara Van de Geer
Martin Wainwright
Clayton Webster