Mathematics applied to Biological and Medical Sciences

Coordinators: L. Almeida and M. Thieullen

The Mathematics Applied to Biological & Medical Sciences (MBIO in French) Major is one of five Majors offered by the speciality of Mathematical Modeling, a second-year Master's degree of Mathematics and its Applications.

The MBIO Major focuses on simulation and modeling for life sciences, relying on the tools of deterministic and stochastic analysis. The goal of this Major is not to cover all the "Life sciences", but to give a global view of the “continuous” tools and their applications, including questions of fundamental biology and biomedical applications.

Both of these aims are included in this course: the training of researchers in "Mathematics for Biology", and direct opportunities in Biotechnology.

Students who plan to start a thesis will find many research subjects and financial aid. They are proposed by Mathematics, Scientific Computing, Biology or Medicine research groups.

The students who decide to stop their studies after completing a Master's degree will nevertheless have seen fascinating scientific problems, where mathematics is a fundamental tool to deal with the complexity of the phenomena examined. Nowadays, many laboratories, institutes and companies use modeling and offer internships in this area.

Students who make a definitive decision concerning the choice of the MBIO Major before the basic courses begin, can replace one or two of the proposed basic courses by the following courses (referred to as "Basic (other speciality)" ) :

This choice must first be approved by the coordinators of the speciality and of the Major.

Course title Lecturer(s) Type Course Code
Mathematical methods in Biology Luis Almeida Fundamental MU5MAM03
Elliptic equations Antoine Gloria Fundamental MU5MAM47
Probabilistic Numerical Methods Julien Reygner Fundamental MU5MAM35
Statistics and Learning Irina Kourkova Fundamental MU5MAA06
Structured equations in biology Benoit Perthame Fundamental MU5MAM70
Control in Finite and Infinite Dimension Emmanuel Trélat Fundamental MU5MAM53
Some Mathematical Methods for the Neurosciences Etienne Tanré & Romain Veltz Fundamental (external) MU5MAM22
Randomised trees for evolutionary biology Amaury Lambert Specialised MU5MAA11
Reaction-diffusion equations and dynamics of biological populations Henri Berestycki, Grégoire Nadin Specialised MU5MAM05
Propagation of evidence in bayesian networks, application to medical science Gregory Nuel Specialised MU5MAM83
Probabilistic models in the neurosciences Michèle Thieullen Specialised MU5MAM51
Stochastic models of molecular biology Philippe Robert Specialised MU5MAM82
Fonctionnement des réseaux de neurones: analyse mathématique Delphine Salort Specialised MU5MAM74
Modèles mathématiques et méthodes numériques pour la simulation en hémodynamique Miguel Fernández Specialised
Calcul stochastique (autre spécialité) Vincent Lemaire MO5MAI21