Employment prospects

This Masters degree opens up many opportunities. It allows students to apply for a thesis (whether academic or industrial) or job opportunities in the private sector.

In the long term, it leads to all the mathematical sciences-related jobs in university or industry, such as :

There are many opportunities to start a thesis, whether in universities, or in private companies (via the French CIFRE programme for instance).

On the academic side, teams in Paris are among the best in their field internationally. They are part of the Paris Foundation for Mathematical Sciences. These mathematicians are involved in a very strong network, both nationally and internationally, and students from the Masters degree will be able to get advice and contacts from international laboratories and teams.

This Masters degree also offers very attractive job opportunities from all branches of society: industry, health, telecommunications, banking, finance, insurance, services, etc. All the great challenges that the world faces today can take advantage of advanced mathematics. Many mathematical job profiles have recently become prominent, like data scientist or mathematical engineer, and are now recognized as strategic for small and large companies. Mathematics are easily applied to many different fields, and they take an important part in the development of advanced technologies, like E-health, renewable energies, automatic trading, predictive maintenance, etc. Students will receive advice and contact opportunities from the professors responsible for their Major and from all the members of the pedagogical team.

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