Specialised courses

In this phase, students must choose between at least 2 specialised courses. Each of these is a 20-hour course, divided into 2-hour sessions over the course of 10 weeks.

These courses are closely-related to research subjects. They must especially be consistent with the topics proposed for the internship project.

There are no tutorials. Each course is worth 6 ECTS in the S4 semester.

Major Course title Lecturer(s) Course Code
ANEDP Analyse d’edp non-linéaires issues de la géométrie : des applications harmoniques à la théorie de Yang-Mills Paul Laurain MU5MAM72
ANEDP COCV HPC Approximation et traitement de données en grande dimension Albert Cohen MU5MAM73
ANEDP EMF Cinetic models and hydrodynamic limits François Golse MU5MAM28
ANEDP EMF Discontinuous Galerkin methods and applications Alexandre Ern MU5MAM21
ANEDP MBIO Fluid dynamics models in life sciences, mathematical and computational viewpoints Laurent Boudin & Miguel Fernandez 5MM26
COCV MBIO Fonctionnement des réseaux de neurones: analyse mathématique Delphine Salort MU5MAM74
COCV Geometric control theory Mario Sigalotti & Ugo Boscain MU5MAM80
ANEDP High performance computing, parallel computation algorithms in large-scale linear algebra, numerical stability Laura Grigori MU5MAM29
ANEDP EMF Hyperbolic models for complex flow in the field of energy Jacques Sainte-Marie MU5MAM27
ANEDP Lorentzian geometry and hyperbolic PDE Jacques Smulevici MU5MAM75
MBIO Mathematical Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases Luis Almeida & Odo Diekmann MU5MAM76
ANEDP EMF Mathematical methods and numerical analysis for molecular simulation. Gabriel Stoltz MU5MAM38
COCV Mean field games (Master MASEF Dauphine) Pierre Cardaliaguet MU5MAM85
MBIO Modelling of growth and regeneration processes in multi-cellular tissues involving agent-based models Dirk Drasdo MU5MAM20
ANEDP HPC Modern methods and algorithms for parallel computation Frédéric Nataf MU5MAM50
COCV Optimal Control of Partial Differential Equations Frédéric Bonnans MU5MAM77
ANEDP Optimal transport : theory and applications Max Fathi 5MM07
ANEDP COCV Optimisation de formes: aspects géométriques et topologiques Samuel Amstutz MU5MAM78
MBIO Probabilistic models in the neurosciences Michèle Thieullen MU5MAM51
COCV Problèmes variationnels et de transport en économie (Master MASEF Dauphine) Guillaume Carlier
MBIO Propagation of evidence in bayesian networks, application to medical science Gregory Nuel MU5MAM83
MBIO Randomised trees for evolutionary biology Amaury Lambert MU5MAA11
ANEDP MBIO Reaction-diffusion equations and dynamics of biological populations Henri Berestycki MU5MAM05
MBIO Reaction-diffusion equations and the evolution of dispersal King-Yeung Lam MU5MAM79
ANEDP COCV HPC Réseaux de neurones et approximation numérique adaptative Bruno Després MU5MAM86
ANEDP EMF Spectral theory and variational methods Eric Cancès & Mathieu Lewin MU5MAM87
MBIO Stochastic models of molecular biology Philippe Robert MU5MAM82
ANEDP EMF HPC Theoretical and numerical aspects of incompressible fluids Pascal Frey, Yannick Privat MU5MAM57
COCV Tropical algebraic geometry in optimisation and games Stéphane Gaubert MU5MAM58