Basic Courses

These courses are intended for the whole graduating class.

This training course aims at the following:

During this period, students must take at least four courses out of the five offered. Every course consists of a three-hour lecture, and a three-hour tutorial per week.

The methods of assessment consist of several exams that account for 12 ECTS.

At the end of this six-week period, students will have to choose their Major.

Students who make a definitive decision concerning the choice of the MBIO Major before the basic courses begin, can replace one or two of the proposed basic courses by the following courses (referred to as "other speciality" ) :

This choice must first be approved by the coordinators of the speciality and of the Major.

Course title Lecturer(s) Course Code
Partial derivative equations Fabrice Bethuel B001
Optimisation Hervé Le Dret B002
Functional analysis Jean-Yves Chemin B003
Numerical methods for the non stationary EDP: finite differences and finite volumes Bruno Després B004
Approximation of functions and Sobolev spaces Ayman Moussa B005
Calcul stochastique (autre spécialité) Vincent Lemaire MO5MAI21