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Master de Sciences & Technologies

M2 Mathématiques & Applications (Sorbonne Université)


Major Course title Lecturer(s) Type Course code
COCV Approximation et traitement de données en grande dimension Albert Cohen Specialised
Approximation of functions and Sobolev spaces Ayman Moussa Base B005
COCV Continuous optimisation Antonin Chambolle Fundamental 5MM14
COCV MBIO Control in Finite and Infinite Dimension Emmanuel Trélat Fundamental 5MM53
ANEDP EMF Discontinuous Galerkin methods and applications Alexandre Ern Specialised 5MM21
COCV Discrete optimisation Michel Pocchiola Fundamental 5MM02
ANEDP COCV MBIO Elliptic equations Didier Smets Fundamental 5MM47
COCV MBIO Fonctionnement des réseaux de neurones: analyse mathématique Delphine Salort Specialised
ANEDP HPC From EDP to their resolution by finite elements Xavier Claeys Fundamental 5MM30
Functional analysis Jean-Yves Chemin Base B003
COCV Game theory and applications in finance and economics (Master MASEF Dauphine) Miquel Oliu Barton Fundamental
ANEDP COCV Geometric control theory Mario Sigalotti & Ugo Boscain Specialised
ANEDP HPC High performance computing for numerical methods and data analysis Laura Grigori Fundamental 5MM29
ANEDP High performance computing, parallel computation algorithms in large-scale linear algebra, numerical stability Laura Grigori Specialised 5MM29
ANEDP EMF Hyperbolic models for complex flow in the field of energy Jacques Sainte-Marie Specialised 5MM27
ANEDP EMF Introduction to stochastic PDEs Anne de Bouard Fundamental 5MM63
ANEDP COCV Introduction to the EDP of evolution Anne-Laure Dalibard Fundamental 5MM12
ANEDP HPC Iterative methods for the resolution of large linear systems François-Xavier Roux Specialised 5MM46
ANEDP EMF Kinetic models François Golse Specialised 5MM28
ANEDP Lorentzian geometry and hyperbolic PDE Jacques Smulevici Specialised 5MM67
Markov Process, application to population dynamics (other speciality) Irina Kourkova Base 5MM32
ANEDP EMF Mathematical methods and numerical analysis for molecular simulation. Gabriel Stoltz Specialised 5MM50
MBIO Mathematical methods in Biology Luis Almeida Fundamental 5MM03
COCV Mean field games (Master MASEF Dauphine) Pierre Cardaliaguet Specialised
MBIO Modelling of growth and regeneration processes in multi-cellular tissues involving agent-based models Dirk Drasdo Specialised 5MM20
ANEDP HPC Modern methods and algorithms for parallel computation Frédéric Nataf Specialised 5MM38
MBIO Multiscale modeling, simulations for data analysis: from molecular to system neuroscience David Holcman Fundamental (external) 5MM31
COCV Méthodes du premier ordre pour l'optimisation non convexe et non lisse Pauline Tan Fondamental 5MM71
Numerical methods for the non stationary EDP: finite differences and finite volumes. Bruno Després Base B004
Optimisation Grégoire Allaire Base B002
Partial derivative equations Fabrice Bethuel Base B001
ANEDP EMF MBIO Probabilistic Numerical Methods Tony Lelièvre Fundamental 5MM35
MBIO Probabilistic models in the neurosciences Michèle Thieullen Specialised 5MM51
COCV Problèmes variationnels et de transport en économie (Master MASEF Dauphine) Guillaume Carlier Specialised
MBIO Propagation of evidence in bayesian networks, application to medical science Gregory Nuel Specialised 5MA12
MBIO Randomised trees for evolutionary biology Amaury Lambert Specialised 5MA11
ANEDP MBIO Reaction-diffusion equations and dynamics of biological populations Henri Berestycki Specialised 5MM05
ANEDP EMF Reject [CG] Theoretical and Numerical Aspects Frédéric Legoll Fundamental 5MM34
MBIO Some Mathematical Methods for the Neurosciences Etienne Tanré & Romain Veltz Fundamental (external) 5MM22
ANEDP EMF Spectral theory and variational methods Eric Cancès & Mathieu Lewin Specialised 5MM10
MBIO Statistics and Learning Lorenzo Zambotti Fundamental 5MA06
Stochastic calculus (other speciality) Zhan Shi Base 5MM48
MBIO Stochastic models of molecular biology Philippe Robert Specialised
COCV MBIO Structured equations in biology Benoit Perthame Fundamental 5MM70
ANEDP Suspensions dans un fluide de Stokes : viscosité effective et sédimentation Antoine Gloria Specialised 5MM07
ANEDP EMF Theoretical and Numerical Analysis of Hyperbolic Systems of Conservation Laws Grégoire Allaire Fondamental 5MM16
ANEDP EMF HPC Theoretical and numerical aspects of incompressible fluids Pascal Frey, Yannick Privat Specialised 5MM57
ANEDP COCV Tomography and inverse scattering Roman Novikov Specialised 5MM65
COCV Tropical algebraic geometry in optimisation and games Stéphane Gaubert Specialised 5MM58
ANEDP EMF HPC Variational approximations of PDEs Yvon Maday Fundamental 5MM36
ANEDP COCV Wave Imaging: concepts, theory and applications Houssem Haddar Specialised 5MM68