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Master de Sciences & Technologies

M2 Mathématiques & Applications (Sorbonne Université)

Structured equations in biology

Benoit Perthame

Ce cours sera disponible en télé-enseignement et l’évaluation se fera par contrôle réparti (devoir personnels et partiel, pas d’examen final).

Topics :

Since the celebrated Kermack-McKendrick model for epidemiology and the age structured equation , numerous strucured equations have been introduced in order to describe various phenomenon as size distribution, cell receptor repartition, neuron voltage and conductances… One can consider physiological parameters (that change along the organism life) or phrnotypican (inherited at birth). To study such models requires specific tools that we are going to present

Through some examples, which we will try to relate to other courses of mathematics for biology, we will also treat

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